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A.I.T pour concrétiser vos projets,

A.I.T ( Applications industriels tickets ) spécialisé depuis de nombreuses années dans le domaine de l'impression ticket ( mécanismes et imprimantes de table ) reste l'interlocuteur privilégié des integrateurs et le partenaire des plus grand fabricants ( A.P.S, ORIENT TECHNOLOGIES, EDUE.. ) A.I.T vous propose donc un ensemble de versions compactes, des modules qui peuvent d'integrer et répondre à l'ensemble de vos applications et notamment dans les domaines suivants: imprimantes et terminaux portables, imprimantes étiquettes, système d'encaissement, instruments de mesures et d'analyse, équipement médical, distribution automatique & parking. En savoir plus sur A.I.T 

Produits du moment


MKL224 / fabricant  Aps-printer


  • The new MKL 2 inches printers have been designed as a compact modular printer kiosk solution at 12V and 24V
  • Modular Kiosk Line is easy to fix and to integrate in your design
  • Can pull large diameter paper roll (up to 10 inches)
  • MKL consists of a basic module - printer mechanism and powerful controller board with integrated keyboard and additional module such as loop presenter/retractor. anti-jam detection, paper tensioner and exit bezel with LED illumination
  • Optional modules like fixation frames and paper holders are also available
  • MKL offers high printing speed; full control over printing quality/speed and much more...
  • Powerful text/ graphic modes and 2D barcodes
  • Easy firmware and font upgrades
  • Hardware QR barcode support
  • RS232C or USB communication interface
  • MKL provides extremely reliable printing, working in a broad spectrum of kiosk applications.

Interface: Yes
Taille papier: 60mm or 80mm
Cutter: True

ECP-HRS / fabricant  Aps-printer


  • New family easy loading compact printers for paper width 58 to 62.5mm, 24V, 300dpi
  • Very compact size, easy to integrate into your design
  • Rigid Die cast frame allows better thermal conductivity
  • Integrated powerful controller board
  • High printing speed (250mm/sec.)
  • Very silent operation and high print quality thanks to its innovative linear gear train
  • Xtremely straight paper path allowing thick paper or label printing
  • Powerful double stepper motor
  • Complete printing solution
  • Powerful text / Graphic Modes and 2D barcodes
  • Hardware QR barcode support
  • Windows/Linux/Android Drivers

Interface: Yes
Taille papier: 60mm or 80mm
Cutter: True