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Voici les principaux partenaires technologiques avec lesquels nous travaillons.

Partenaires AITicket

Aps printer
APS est un leader mondial international dans la conception, la fabrication et la réalisation sur mesure des mécanismes d’impression thermiques, de cartes électroniques et d’imprimantes complètes OEM.
Martel Instruments Ltd was formed in 1982, primarily providing specialised printers, display equipment and material supplies to the electronics and engineering industry sectors. Martel has gained a reputation of providing reliable and cost-effective products, services and solutions to both start-up and mature businesses, continuing to build on this platform as the company expands. We support multi-site worldwide offices with our headquarters located in Stanley, County Durham, UK. Martel has developed and provides service offerings to industry, to become a strategic partner, fully integrating and adding value across the entire business. The approach has enabled Martel to deliver to our customers higher levels of value added, not only in the products produced and general material flow and costs, but also in designing or creating engineering, manufacturing, logistics or purchasing solutions across different industry sectors.
PayPrint ITALIA is the major Italian manufacturerer of banknote readers and one of the leading companies for the provision of payment systems in various market sectors. The Research and Development department represents the heart of the company and employs approximately 30% of the total company personnel